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Meridian 519 AC-3 RF Demodulator

The Meridian 519 is probably the BEST AC-3 RF demodulator ever produced. The digital expertise of it’s U.K. manufacturer, Boothroyd-Stuart (Digital Gramophone & Wireless, Ltd.) created a truly “state-of-the-art” AC-3 RF demodulator. It is also “built like a tank”. This compact unit (9 3/4″ wide, 7″ deep, 2 1/4″ high) weighs nearly 4 pounds, even without it’s modular power cord.

This Meridian 519 AC-3 RF Demodulator is designed to operate on standard 115-volt AC current (it’s modular power cord plugs directly into a standard AC receptacle, so unlike some other brands of AC-3 RF demodulators, no outboard “wall wart” power supply is needed).

The Meridian 519 allows you to hear the DOLBY DIGITAL soundtracks on AC-3 encoded laserdiscs. It features three digital inputs. In addition to the coaxial input for connection to the AC-3 RF output of your laserdisc player, the 519 has both a coaxial and an optical (toslink) input for connection to other digital components (DVD players, satellite, etc.). The 519 then provides intelligent “autoswitching” between the three inputs, giving highest priority to an AC-3 RF signal whenever it is present. The 519 also has BOTH coaxial and optical digital outputs, to pass the chosen signal to either type of standard digital input on a receiver or preamp/processor. The front panel has a yellow LED that illuminates when the unit is turned on, and a red “LOCK” LED that lights in the presence of an AC-3 RF signal. In addition to the digital and RF inputs, the back panel has an ON/OFF rocker switch and two “COMS” connectors that are used only when the 519 is connected to other Meridian components. The coaxial digital input and output jacks are gold-plated.

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